You will not have the opportunity to tell your full story to the Parole Board, so it is critical that you do so in writing. An experienced parole attorney can assist you with this. Consider the following when selecting an attorney to represent you or a loved one before the Parole Board:

How much experience does the attorney have in representing individuals in the parole process?

Not every criminal defense attorney provides legal representation for parole.

What is the lawyer’s recommended strategy for helping you achieve parole?

How are they going to position your file in the best light possible?

Do you agree with the parole attorney’s strategy?

How much does a parole attorney cost?

The cost for a parole attorney will vary depending on the individual attorney’s experience and specialized knowledge of the parole process. It will also depend on the complexity of your situation and what will need to be done.

Does the attorney have positive reviews and case results?

Online reviews can help you determine whether a particular parole attorney is the right fit for your case.

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