During the parole process, a parole lawyer can play an important role in the Parole Board’s decision in a variety of ways. A parole attorney can:

Check your file to correct inaccurate information

Your file is maintained by the Parole Board in Georgia, and it is not accessible under an Open Records Act request. This incorrect information will go unchallenged and will be recorded in your file without the aid of a lawyer. A parole attorney will address with the Parole Board to guarantee that all information is correct and up to date.

Add positive information to your file

An attorney may be able to assist you in determining factors that will aid you in telling your story to the Parole Board. You are so much more than just your crime, and an advocate will help you show who you are and how well you can rejoin society upon release.

Request that the Parole Board reconsider your file

Inmates are frequently informed that their file has already been reviewed and their parole has been delayed or denied. When new information is presented, the Parole Board may sometimes reconsider a decision. A lawyer for reconsideration can analyze all of the facts and assess your case’s strength.

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