Parole is a serious matter and you must be careful to abide by the rules set. Because parole conditions are so complicated at times, keeping track of them all may be difficult. It’s quite easy to unintentionally violate your parole, which might result in severe legal ramifications. Even if you were unaware that you’d broken your parole at the time, a moment of negligence can create unintended problems.

If you’ve broken your parole, you should contact an expert attorney as soon as possible. You can straighten out any misunderstandings and ensure that everyone understands this was all a big mistake if you work with a legal professional. If you hire an attorney with prior experience in parole infractions, you’ll have a greater chance of keeping your freedom. Here are some of the easiest ways to accidentally violate your parole:

Leaving the State Without Permission

Leaving the state without permission may be a simple method to break your parole. Perhaps your kid has a soccer game in another part of the state, and you have to drive them. Maybe you inadvertently crossed the state line during a road trip or a hike. Whatever the case, as soon as you cross state lines, you are in violation of your sentence.

Missing an Appointment With Your Probation Officer

The easiest way to violate your parole is to miss an appointment with your probation officer. We all have hectic lives, and things go wrong occasionally. You may have forgotten to set your alarm clock in the morning. An emergency might have required all of your attention. Every now and then, people miss appointments for various reasons. It is important that you make sure to have an experienced parole lawyer to help guide you through issues like these should they arrive.

Failing to Pay Fines on Time

Everyone is affected by financial strain, and it’s not always simple to pay fines when you’re short on cash. That being said, missing a credit card payment does not result in jail time – whereas failing to pay certain fines can. It’s critical that you pay any required fines if you have a sentence that includes them.

Missing a Drug or Alcohol Test

A drug or alcohol test is another easy-to-forget appointment. If you do not appear, your parole is likely to be violated. It’s simple to overlook this, but it might have significant implications. Only certain individuals are subjected to drug tests as a part of their parole conditions.

Meeting With Certain People

Your previous criminal record may come back to haunt you. Some of them may be family members or prior coworkers. It’s easy to bump into these people without intending it. However, meeting with a few individuals might constitute a parole violation. This is another simple method to violate your release term inadvertently.

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